What we are passionate about is seeing you smile.

What we are passionate about is seeing you smile.

Mobles Soler is a family business of two generations who are focused on the world of decoration and home furnishings. Over the years, we have distinguished ourselves by offering a professional, personal, and direct service to each of our clients, offering personalized solutions to the design needs and comfort of your homes.

50 years ago, our parents started the business basing it on upholstery and curtains, and over time we have grown to include home furniture and interior decoration in general, which is one of the main activities of the company today.

Today, the visible heads of the company are the three Soler siblings, each one devoted to different aspects of the business: Biel focuses his efforts on the Contracts department, a branch of the business that offers integral decoration to companies and hotels, Ramon is in charge of the logistics and post-sales department, while Catina covers the commercial department.

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Through upholstering, we can give a new lease of life to those old pieces of furniture that have such character and that we love, or we can restore those antique pieces which are absolutely ideal for that special spot in your home.


The expression goes “for tastes: colours”. We go further and say that "for tastes: textures, shapes, prints and finishes". Our variety of products in curtains reaches as far as your imagination can.


We assemble everything that you can buy in our store. We want your only worry to be deciding between one product or another. Once you make that decision, our professionals take on the responsibility for the all the logistics of transport and assembly.

Interior decorating.

A home is a personal space where we can rest from the daily whirlwind of activity, a place where you can feel really comfortable and relax. That's why it should be as functional as possible as well as making you feel truly comfortable. At Mobles Soler we know all the secrets of design and interior decorating, all the different styles and the ones that will best suit the tastes and needs of each client.


Perhaps the part of the house where we spend more hours a day on average. It’s said that if you don’t make the most of your resting hours, you can’t take advantage of the rest of the day as you should. In our exhibition you can choose from an extensive catalogue of proposals, all of which have been designed for one purpose – to take full advantage of our resting hours.

Decorative pieces.

If you think perfection is in the details, this is the part of our services that you will be most interested in. There are many customers who think that a decorative piece says a lot about a house. For all of them, in our exhibition there is a good selection of items that are just waiting to complete an important space in your home.